Company Profile

Company Profile

Roydi is a leading outdoor furniture manufacturer in China, focusing on designing and producing high-quality outdoor sofas, restaurant tables and chairs, garden furniture and coffee tables. Our products are widely used in outdoor leisure, catering and other industries. We have an experienced design team, equipped with complete production lines and professional testing facilities to ensure product quality. Our factory has more than 100 employees and 5 production lines, committed to providing customers with quality services.

Since our establishment, we have always adhered to the concept of pursuing excellent quality, competitive prices and advanced technology, and have won wide recognition and trust from customers.

15000square meter
Customized Service

From design to marketing,
as long as you need,
we can meet it.

Stable Delivery

Long-term and stable multiple advantageous sources of goods provide guarantee for our orders.

Quality Assurance

Through our professional quality assurance and strict testing, we ensure the consistent quality of each product.

Warranty Period

We will provide at least 3 years or more warranty. The life of the product can reach more than 10-25 years.

R&D Design
Our designers continue to create more perfect products with unique creativity and professional skills.

Roydi pays attention to user experience design and invests a lot of time and money in design and production level every year. We have excellent design technology to meet any of your needs.
Quality Control

Our company has advanced production equipment and high-quality staff to provide customers with high-quality and efficient production services.

In years of production practice, we have formed a set of strict production process and quality control system to ensure that every link of the product from design to production, assembly to delivery can be accurately managed and controlled.

Our experienced craftspeople take the time to hand finish every piece.
Quality Control

Quality control can ensures our customers receive products free from defects and meet our customer needs.

Design Team
With our luxurious furniture designs, we seek to inspire, delight and bring people together.

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