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Weather Resistant Solid Teak Side Table

  • Product Name: Outdoor Side Table
  • Application: Hotel/Garden/Outdoor/Patio/Home

  • Frame Material: Weather Resistant Untreated Solid Teak

  • Size: Standard

  • Color: Optional

  • Type: Side Table

  • Warranty: 2 Years

This waterproof solid teak side table offers excellent weather resistance and is suitable for outdoor use. The simple design of the side table provides you with convenient placement space while showing the unique natural beauty of teak wood.


1. It has excellent waterproof performance and can adapt to various climate conditions;

2. The material is solid teak, which is strong and durable;

3. Simple design, matched with various outdoor furniture styles;

4. Can be used as an auxiliary countertop or decoration;

5. Suitable for outdoor spaces such as gardens and balconies to add a natural atmosphere.

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