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Garden Hotel Solid Teak Wood Dining Table

  • Product Name: Outdoor Dining Table
  • Application: Hotel/Garden/Outdoor/Patio/Home

  • Frame Material: Weather Resistant Untreated Solid Teak

  • Size: Standard

  • Color: Optional
  • Type: Dining Table

  • Warranty: 2 Years

Designed for outdoor dining, this solid wood garden hotel dining table is crafted from solid teak and is designed to provide guests with a comfortable dining experience.


1. Material: Made of solid teak wood, which has excellent durability and stability.

2. Purpose: Suitable to be placed in the outdoor dining area of a garden hotel to provide guests with a comfortable dining experience.

3. Design: Classic and modern design style, consistent with the outdoor environment.

4. Large size: Spacious desktop space, suitable for family dinners or business dining.

5. Weather resistance: After special treatment, it has good waterproof and weather resistance properties and can adapt to the needs of outdoor environment.

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