Rope Furniture

High Back Outdoor Lounge Chair

  • Packing:1pcs/carton

  • Cushions are packed in separate PE bags.

  • Fittings are packed in separate PE bag.

  • Packing Material: Synthetic brown paper well wrapped externally and internally.

  • Your packing requirements also welcome

  • Application:  Hotel/Garden/Outdoor/Patio/Balcony

  • Frame Material:Powder Coated Aluminum

  • Rope Material:Outdoor Rope

  • Cushion Material:Sponge & Water-resistant Fabric

  • Colour:Optional

  • Size:Customized

  • Warranty:2 Years

Inspired by the endless possibilities of cleverly mixing different materials to create unique designs, we created this extraordinary collection. Our vision is perfectly expressed through a harmonious combination of natural ceramics, industrial aluminum and luxuriously textured acrylic ropes.

Not only are these materials durable, they also inject a touch of modernity into every piece of furniture. Gentle curves and smooth backrest exude a warm and inviting atmosphere. Additionally, we offer personalized customization options, allowing you to tailor these beautiful furniture pieces to your unique tastes and preferences.

With our collection, you can easily enhance the style of your space while enjoying the durability and aesthetics of these carefully selected materials. Discover the art of material fusion and experience the perfect fusion of modernity, elegance and comfort.





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