Can teak furniture be left out in the rain?

June 06 2024

Teak has a high content of natural oils and rubber, which means it is extremely resistant to decay. You can leave teak furniture outdoors all year round, and it will not rot for more than 20 years, even in snow and rain! It is extremely resistant to decay and durable even in marine environments, which is why it is widely used in shipbuilding.

Long-term exposure to rain may cause watermarks or dark spots on teak furniture. Although these will gradually disappear over time, they will still affect the appearance of the furniture.

How to repair water stains on teak wood furniture

1. If it is only a slight water stain, you can wipe it with a soft dry cloth or a slightly damp cloth. Don't use a too wet cloth to cause more water stains.

2. If the water stain is deep, you can use fine sandpaper to gently polish it to remove it, and then color it with teak care oil.

3. Choose cleaning products designed specifically for wood furniture. These cleaning products can gently remove water stains and protect the wood surface.

If you find it difficult to operate on your own or don't know enough about teak furniture, it is recommended to ask a professional to operate it to avoid losses.


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