The difference between real and fake teak sofa

April 21 2024

With the improvement of people's quality of life and environmental awareness, teak furniture is becoming more and more popular with its unique aesthetic charm, environmental protection, health, durability and other advantages, and has become one of the first choices for home decoration.

Identifying the authenticity of teak furniture requires certain skills and knowledge. Commonly used methods include the following:

1. Observe the wood grain and color: Real teak has unique wood grain and color, usually showing clear and natural textures of different shades. If you see that the wood grain on the surface of teak furniture is too uniform and lacks natural variation, it may be artificial imitation.

2. Odor: Teak wood has a natural woody aroma, and imitations may use artificial materials or add chemical fragrances, so the smell may be different.

3. Check the workmanship: observe the edges and seams of the furniture. Genuine teak furniture such as teak sofa is usually finely crafted with tight, seamless joints. If you find that the seams are uneven, there is residual glue, or the gaps are too large, it may be a fake.

4. Price: The price of teak furniture is usually relatively high. If a piece of furniture is found at an unusually low price, it may have quality issues or be a knockoff.

5. Ask the salesperson: Real teak furniture usually has detailed introduction to the production process and materials. If you have questions when purchasing teak furniture, you can ask the sales staff about the source of raw materials, production processes and other related issues.

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