How to clean outdoor furniture?

March 13 2024

Are you cleaning your outdoor furniture the right way? Different types of materials require different cleaning methods. Next, let’s take a look at how to clean different materials.

1.Cleaning method for aluminum alloy: If there are stains on the surface, please wipe it with clean water, do not use concentrated acid or alkaline cleaners.

2.Teslin cloth cleaning method: Just wipe with a rag dipped in water.

3.Cleaning method for wooden tables and chairs: Wipe with a rag, do not scratch with hard objects, so as not to damage the waterproof layer of the surface

4.PE rattan cleaning method: It can be cleaned with a soft brush, rag or vacuum cleaner.

5.Cleaning method for plastic parts: It can be washed with ordinary detergent, and be careful not to touch hard objects, and do not use metal brushes.

6.Cleaning method for metal parts: Scrub with warm soapy water, do not use strong phenol or strong alkaline cleaners to avoid damage to the surface protection layer and rust.

How to Clean and Care for Outdoor Furniture?

1. Attention to the use of outdoor umbrellas

Sunshade products are mostly supported by iron pipes and aluminum pipes. During installation and use, try to avoid damage due to bumps or local excessive force.

Outdoor umbrellas are mainly used for shading and enjoying the cool, so they should be used as little as possible in windy and rainy weather. If there is water on the top cloth, it should be removed in time to avoid damage due to long-term force.

2. Notes on the use of plastic tables and chairs

Plastic furniture must avoid exposure to the sun, long-term exposure will cause fading and breakage.

3. Precautions for rattan furniture

Rattan tables and chairs are relatively light. To sweep the dust of rattan furniture, in addition to gently wiping with a rag, you can also use a vacuum cleaner. When using rattan furniture, pay attention to the bearing capacity of the furniture. Excessive force will cause bending and deformation.

4. Precautions for imitation rattan furniture

The outdoor furniture made of imitation rattan is made of polyester resin. High temperature will cause the rattan to become soft, which will cause the rattan furniture to deform and become unusable. So when using imitation rattan furniture, avoid sun exposure.

5. Precautions for wooden furniture

Wooden outdoor furniture used outdoors, such as teak wood sofas or peach wood seats, requires special anti-corrosion, rain-proof, and sun-proof treatments.

If it is not used for a long time, it is best to cover it with a plastic sheet. The paint film coating on the surface of wooden tables and chairs can protect the furniture surface well, so the paint film on the surface of wooden outdoor furniture should be polished and cleaned regularly.

If maintenance and refurbishment are required, special protective oil for outdoor wooden furniture can be used, and it can be wiped and applied according to the specified method. It is recommended to maintain it every 3 to 6 months.

6. Matters needing attention in cast iron tables and chairs

Because acid and alkali have a strong corrosive effect on iron, iron tables and chairs must be kept away from acid and alkali. Do not use soapy water, vinegar and the like to clean.


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