What are the commonly used materials for outdoor furniture?

December 04 2023


1. Saito

West rattan is an improved polymer material, a substitute for rattan furniture. The color is bright and beautiful, the texture is soft and comfortable, and it is durable. The material of Xito can withstand the destructive experiment of minus 30 degrees to minus 120 degrees. Ideal for weathered outdoor furniture.

2. Teak

Teak is a world-renowned broad-leaved tree species, with excellent corrosion resistance and stability, moderate processing strength and processing performance, tall and straight trunk, beautiful appearance, and a wide range of uses.

Teak is a good material for making outdoor furniture and is widely used in teak outdoor sofas, teak tables and chairs, lounge chairs, etc.

3. Golden Pomelo (Black Heart Magnolia)

The evergreen trees are mainly produced in northwestern Myanmar, and the age of the trees is more than 120 years. Because the finished product looks like teak, it is also called "golden pomelo". The wood has strong luster, no special smell and taste, and is resistant to decay and insects.

4. Pineapple lattice

Formerly known as KWILA, it is generally called Pineapple Ge or Pacific Ironwood in China.

The wood is shiny, without special smell and taste, with staggered texture, uniform structure, heavy wood, high hardness and strength. Good stability, strong corrosion resistance and anti-insect ability

5. Gold is not exchanged

Produced in Indonesia, the wood is shiny, has no special smell and taste, the structure is thick and uniform, the wood is extremely heavy, hard, and high in strength.

6. Tesslim cloth

Teslin cloth is a special material introduced in recent years, which has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, UV resistance, rain resistance and aging resistance.

Chairs and swings made of Teslin cloth and aluminum alloy are light and beautiful, and are very popular among consumers.

7. Aluminum alloy

Most of the hollow tubes are made of national standard 6063 aluminum alloy.

The aluminum alloy material is soft in texture and easy to process and shape. After the surface is sprayed, it can effectively prevent oxidation and will not rust.

8. Stainless steel

Most of them are international 304 stainless steel hollow tubes, which are one of the main materials for outdoor furniture frames.

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